Continuous Data Protection

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We can offer a fully managed backup & disaster recovery platform for enterprise organizations, complete with robust data protection, secure and reliable cloud storage, multiple backup packages with monthly pricing and no annual commitment – to maximize your protection and keep you in control.

Managed IT Services provides businesses of all sizes the advantage of predictable IT support costs. And because we will take a proactive approach, we can prevent IT problems from occurring and therefore from disrupting business operations.

Secure, Durable, and Extremely Low-Cost

Get secure, durable, and extremely low-cost cloud backup desktops or servers for data archiving, disaster recovery, and long-term backup. Customers can reliably store large or small amounts of data for a significant savings compared to on-premises solutions.

  • Backup your systems and data with peace of mind
    • Data stored on local appliance for fast restores
    • Data stored in the cloud for offsite storage and disaster recovery
    • Bare Metal Recovery backups included as a standard option
  • Replicate your on-premises server(s) in the cloud for disaster recovery
    • Replicate your servers in near real-time to the cloud
    • Quickly spin up your servers in the cloud to ensure business continues forward in the event of a local disaster in hours not weeks

Massive IT is a cloud technology partner with both
Microsoft and Amazon cloud service platform providers.

120,000 new Azure customers subscriptions per month! And Amazon has proven
success with over a million customers.

% of business
Email will rely on mobile devices.
Small businesses will use instant collaboration apps by 2018.
will use web conferencing
% of small businesses believe mobile apps will replace some traditional solutions.

We're excited to bring you into the cloud.

3.5 MILLION SMBs will use instantcollaboration apps by 2018.